What is Reiki Therapy?
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What is Reiki Therapy?


When I tell people I am a Reiki Practitioner the next question I usually hear is, what is Reiki? I am often asked this question, a question I ought to have an easy answer for, yet I have different answers based on an individual’s existing understanding of energy. The truth is that even now, after years of practice and such positive feedback with Reiki Therapy, I still struggle to find the right words to explain what it is I do. I do my best to help people and it is a unique experience for each of my clients. Exactly how I do that has different explanations.


I can give a textbook definition of reiki as a traditional Japanese form of healing. It was discovered by Mikao Usui in 1922 and was primarily used for stress relief, relaxation and to promote healing. The technique of healing with one’s hands has been around for thousands of years and we are beginning to now understand the actual science behind energy therapy. While this definition is accurate, Reiki Energy is so much more than that to me.


Everyone has an energy field within and around them. That energy is affected each day by the choices we make, people in our environment, collective global issues, etc. Virtually everything has an impact on your energy field. It can stick to your energy like invisible debris, and it is our choice to leave it there and let it get stuck or peel it back. To do that is not an easy task, and that is what I help people work through. Reiki energy, ultimately, is your body's kinetic energy that flows in, through you, and around you at all times. When that becomes blocked or restricted anywhere in the body, it affects us on many levels. I work to identify those areas and open the flow of energy to the places that need it and so my clients can feel the unique relief they are meant to feel.



More people are opening up to the amazing benefits of Reiki Therapy. While it is a different experience for everyone, many clients have told me, they sleep better, feel lighter, more relaxed, improved mental clarity, and over time gain the ability to cultivate a gentle shift in their lives. It is so important that we are learning how to take better care of our mental health and work towards being better for ourselves, and in-turn, better for those around us. Seeing my clients once a month for energy maintenance helps keep them on track with their healing journey.


So, what is Reiki? It is a beautiful energy therapy that works with one’s individual energy field, to promote wellness within the mind, body and spirit.

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