Self-Love Mindset
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Self-Love Mindset

Written by Lisa Hansford, Reiki Master at Thrive Urban Wellness

How much time do you take for yourself weekly? daily? I mean really take for yourself? Keep in mind it does not count if you are thinking of what needs to be done the entire time! Or if you are "shoulding" on yourself instead! Thinking about all the things you "should be doing" or stressing about the past or worrying about the future. I mean taking a moment for you.

It may be going for a short walk outside, enjoying a warm cup of your favourite drink or just enjoying the moment. Perhaps it is reading a page of a book you have been wanting to read, exercising, meditating, something you enjoy doing for you.



The word self-care is often chaotic, our lives are stressful and taking time for ourselves often feels like a luxury that we simply do not have time to engage in. We say we will do it later as we don't truly realize the importance of taking a break.

Prioritize Self-Care

You don't need a reason to put yourself first, you don't need an excuse to go for a walk, it is not something you need to earn. You deserve it. You are important. Rest and self-care are important, and you don't need permission.

We must make ourselves a priority. The importance of putting your own mental, physical and emotional wellness first is not common practice in today's society and I'd like to help change that. Everything starts within and it radiates outwards from there. Have you noticed when you wake up rushed, frustrated, and stressed, the day mirrors that right back to you and validates all those negative feelings? Well, having a more positive mindset can do the same and mirror back positivity and love. It is all about perspective and that shift comes from you. Our energies are all connected. Your own personal energy can be felt by others within a 6-foot radius from you and it is your responsibility to manage that. No one else.


Reconnecting with Happiness: My Reiki Story

For a number of years I felt rushed every day. I was anxious about so many elements out of my control and fearful of unfavourable outcomes. I rarely took any time for myself that wasn't riddled with guilt for doing so. It was after feeling stuck in the loop of life that I found reiki and decided to try it. I felt there was more to how I was living, a key I was missing, that would bring me the happiness I was searching for. After a few sessions of reiki I began to see the deeper layers of our emotions and interactions and how we are individually responsible for our own happiness. This is why, taking the time to check in with yourself and nurture yourself are so vital to our life source. It reconnects us to our essence, helps you slow down, and make better decisions on what you truly need. Reiki has played a huge role in helping me work through some of those deeper emotions and find a more peaceful state. Staying in that state is a challenging for sure but we can all try, one day at a time, one moment at a time and forgive ourselves frequently.


Self-Love Revolution: Small Steps, Big Changes

So how do you shift from the where you are, to a place of self-love? By engaging in more self-care and making it as important as brushing your teeth. If it feels daunting then start small; look in the mirror in the morning and say something nice to yourself the way you would to a friend, forgive yourself and remember you are human, and change takes time. Ask for help when you need it, drink more water, sit outside and breathe more often, remember you are in control of you and your reactions. Have a massage, come for a reiki session to re-center and reconnect to who you are in your soul. Write in a journal, take a bath, do anything that lets your body and mind know you are going to look after and nurture it the way you would a child. Remember you are never alone, you are loved and things always have a way of working out. The more you can put yourself first the more it will radiate outwards to your family, friends and the world. You matter and you are worthy.

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