Registered Massage Therapist

Luciano DeBlasis

A Bit About Me

With 10+ years of experience in the field of therapeutic massage, Luciano has honed his skills to provide you with a unique and personalized healing experience.

His journey began with an unwavering curiosity about the intricate workings of the human body, which led him to immerse himself in the world of health science. Deep tissue massage is his forte, and he believes in the transformative power it holds. It goes beyond relaxation; it's a therapeutic modality that can address chronic pain, tension, and help you regain your vitality. His passion for health science extends beyond the massage table. He is committed to holistic wellness, and is always exploring the latest developments in the field. From nutrition to exercise physiology, He believes that a well-rounded approach to health is the key to a fulfilling life.

Book your session today, and unlock the healing potential within you. Your body deserves the best, and he's here to provide it.