Discover the Benefits of Malas for Meditation and Mindfulness
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Discover the Benefits of Malas for Meditation and Mindfulness

How about boosting your immune system by incorporating mindfulness, meditation and gratitude throughout your day? An increasing body of research shows various health benefits associated with meditation and these findings have sparked interest in the field of medicine(1). One way to practice mindfulness is by creating and using Mala bracelets.



Practicing mindfulness and meditation is important to our health (both mental and physical) and has been shown to provide multiple health benefits, such as reduction in severity of anxiety disorders(1) and reduced blood and heart rate(2). Creating and using Mala bracelets can aid in your meditating. It has been said that wearing the Earth’s natural elements can aid and support you, providing you with a sense of feeling grounded; clarity, calmness, courage, focus, balance, joy, stability and stamina. During uncertain times, using materials like brass, wood, jade, mother of pearl, howlite, fossil jasper and lava can help you feel better equipped to handle challenges that come your way. Gemstone Malas have been worn throughout the world for thousands of years because of their healing properties and beauty, benefits that are increasingly difficult to find naturally in this modern world.

Healthline cites two ways that Mala bracelets or beads can help with your meditation(3). They can ground you when rolled between your fingers. Or, for a more meaningful practice use them to keep track of your mantra repetitions. Either way malas can enhance the positive impacts of meditation.

Our second 1-hour virtual workshop is a partnership with Krystyne Carruthers of Sixteen Foxes on June 6th, 2021. Join us to create a Mala bracelet, a mindful practice on its own. To experience the benefits of Mala bracelets for yourself, sign up now. You can do this and find further information on our Events & Workshops page. We can’t wait to see you there.





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